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How long will the journey take?
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Obviously this depends on the destination, but on a typical trip from London to Malaga we would collect the dogs first thing in the morning and aim to deliver them the following evening.
Where do the dogs stay overnight?
We use dog friendly hotels along the route and the dogs stay with us in the room.
Do you use the ferry or the tunnel?
Either and both, we usually use P&O ferries, but this is purely to save on costs. If you want to go via the tunnel its no problem.
Will my dog get a walk?
Yes, lots of walks, we stop every 3-4 hours to comply with Defra regulations, when we stop we give the dogs fresh water (and food if scheduled). They then have a good walk with plenty of time to do what they need to do.
Will my pet need a passport?
If your coming into or going out of Europe then yes. The passport can seem a daunting prospect but it is really quite straight forward. We are happy to help every step of the way. We will also advise you about the treatments your dogs will need immediately prior to travel.
What about luggage?
We are happy to take your dogs soft bedding, toys and food for the journey. Unfortunately we are unable to help you move the washing machine. (you would be surprised!)
Do you transport Cats?
Yes we do, we do not ever transport dogs and cats in the same vehicle unless they are from the same family.
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